Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's Been Awhile..


And so this my post since September 2009, after many the event ended in October 2009 and rushing assignments in the same time til November 2009.

There ain't any time to blog about the past happenings..

Perhaps, when I am free. I am free but not so free due to house renovation which span since mid-November till now.

Thick dust needs lots of washing and cleaning each time the renovators goes off..

It was a massive war-zone out there though..

Every friends of mine are working part-time or full-time and internships too! While me? I have been waking up early..doing nothing except facebooking online like the whole day than to stare at those workers doing so slow...

But I have been doing some of my past time myself.. quite beneficial in future... Have been sketching and writing scripts and dialogues to write novel on my own. But I don't know if I could it up to it since there are many influences and personal experience in it. But personal experience has changed into something much more ironically weird and unique.

At least I am making effort in doing something rather than to do nothing.. was scanning for employments but i rather wait for the full results!

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