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片腕マシンガール (The Machine Girl) [2008]


The Machine Girl (2008 film)

片腕マシンガール a.k.a The Machine Girl is one of my favorite hilarious and gory film ever watched last year!

I told my brother to purchase it and he did and he find he wasted his money on the B-grade gory film but I think it's worth to watch. Actually i should have review this film before reviewing the other films.

AV Idol director Noboru Iguchi's first gore film: The Machine Girl has captured lots of attention especially on YouTube. Eventually, Japanese Gravure idol - Minase Yashiro too made her first debut as the lead character Ami Hyuga.

It begins with Ami Hyuga massacring a bunch of bullies. Then the film returns as a flashback to how her former life was. An average high school girl who lead a normal life but her brother Yu (Ryosuke Kawamura) and his friend Takeshi were suddenly murdered by bullies and their young and reckless leader, Sho Kimura (Nobuhiro Nishihara). Ami seeks for vengeance and started tracking down the leader and to her surprise that the leader is the heir to sadist ninja-yakuza family.

Ami Hyuga's crazy machine gun arm!

However, she was caught and had her left arm decaptitated and almost dying when she escape from the sadist ninja-yakuza. She arrived safely and received aids from two mechanics who is the parents of her brother's friend, Takeshi. They installed her left-arm with a crazy machine gun and teams up with Miki (Asami Miyajima); Takeshi's mother and seek out for the ultimate vengeance on the murderers..

Miki (Asami Miyajima) and Ami Hyuga (Minase Yashiro) team up!

More gore scenes continue with the sky raining blood and sweat!

Since this is Iguchi's first film and also under the gore genre and also he was involved with AV (adult videos) film industry. So his choice of actress would definitely be someone in the same industry as he is. Both Yashiro and Miyajima are Japanese AV idols from his films. So what's more to ask for to use them in his gore films!

Apparently, there was an indirect sequel to The Machine Girl which you can say it's a spin-off. Shyness Machine Girl was released early 2009. And I have yet to watch it!

So, The Machine Girl is enjoyable as many B-grade gore films.

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Quim said...

this movie is a trip
and the actresses are easy on the eyes

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