Wednesday, December 23, 2009

ロボゲイシャ (RoboGeisha) [2009]


RoboGeisha (2009 film)

Another film by Noboru Iguchi brings us to another gore-comedy flick of RoboGeisha. The story tells about two Kagusa sisters who are both geisha (Yoshie and Kikue) and are kidnapped by an unknown organization and therefore transform into a living killing humanoids.

There's a whole lot of cameo scenes in it with the ridiculous yet brutally gore scenes. AV idol: Aya Kiguchi plays as Yoshie Kagusa and Japanese actress (*finally someone not from AV industry) Hitome Hasebe as Kikue Kagusa.

Aya Kiguchi

Hitomi Hasebe

Just WATCH the trailer here:

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