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外道姫 (Samurai Princess) [2009]


Samurai Princess (2009 film)

Samurai Princess (外道姫) is the gore of 2009. Kengo Kaji brings us sexy Japanese pornography actress and former gravure idol Aino Kishi is the Samurai Princess!

The Princess is back to bare! That ain't no clams on the tits!!

The setting of the era was an alternate reality world of ancient Japan where human androids and human beings live together. These androids were designed and created by an unnamed rogue inventors. But the creator has appeared to be dangerously violent and insane creating monstrously android fusions. One of the creators desperately tried to restore law and order creates an incredible invincible android from the almost-beautiful-dead-princess, who was massacred with her friends by one of the corrupted androids.

No Mercy!

She was brought back to life with a mechanical body installation and implanted with 11 hidden bizarre dangerous weapons. She is humanity only hope. And her mission is ABSOLUTE VENGEANCE.. because now she is Samurai Princess!!

You see these fingers?? I'm gonna fist-fuck y'all!

Brown (2009) mentioned that this film under the erotic-grotesque action genre. The reason is Aino Kishi do bare nude throughout the film. Nonetheless the special effects is done by no other than Yoshihiro Nishimura (Tokyo Gore Police).

Aino Kishi's Debut! (*Yep.. it's her hentai film!)

All these gore film review is related with the other previous film directors as Noboru Iguchi, Yoshihiro Nishimura, Kengo Kaji, Kenta Fukasaku and Takashi Miike are close relations. So there's no doubt who's working on the effects except knowing who's the screenwriter and scriptwriter.

WATCH the trailer HERE:

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