Wednesday, December 23, 2009

マシンガール (Shyness Machine Girl) [2009]


Shyness Machine Girl (2009 film)

An indirect sequel ala spin-off of the original The Machine Girl has been made to appease fans. This time it is entitle as Shyness Machine Girl and starring Japanese gravure idol Noriko Kijima who also her reprises her supposedly-killed character in the previous film.

The previous heroine Ami Hyuga who was played by Minase Yashiro only returns as short flashbacks footage in the film. When Yoshie (Noriko Kijima) was brought back from the dead by the same mechanics, she vows to seek vengeance upon herself and for Ami's sake.

Asami Miyajima was credited as Asami Sugiura reprises her role as Miki Sugihara to revive Yoshie and modify her to be a living weapon. It's all about vengeance! Like i mentioned in many B-grade film reviews. It's the same theme with different ideas!

But Shyness Machine Girl may not be as good as the original film. But afterall, this film was made by the same director himself Noboru Iguchi, as he tries to explore a different story-style!

Wanna know why it's called Shyness?? This time Yoshie has a heavy sub machine girl up coming out her ass.. just like a black dildo being shove in... Kinda remind me of Astroboy animated film!

Checkout the trailer here:

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