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東京残酷警察 (Tokyo Gore Police) [2008]


Tokyo Gore Police (2008 film)
The emergence of the B-grade gore films in Japan has begin its invasion to the world with the likes of Oi Toshio's Schoolgirl Commando Izumi, Noboru Iguchi's The Machine Girl, Kenta Fukasaku's Yo-Yo Girl Cop, Takashi Miike's Ichi the Killer and now last year's Yoshihiro Nishimura's Tokyo Gore Police.

Remember Kill Bill vol.1? This is how Quentin Tarantino got his influence from..

However, Tokyo Gore Police heavily focuses on future-chaos Japan where an insane scientist known as "Key Man" designed a virus which is able to transform humans into monstrous creatures called "Engineers" which is bio-fuse with bizarre weapons from the already-genetic-mutation-human-beings.

Tokyo Police Force then form a new special team of agents called "Engineer Hunters" to hunt and exterminate for the sake of mankind. Engineer Hunters are not like typical police officer but they are trained to be like a brutal commando which uses violence and sadistic behavior to maintain law.

Eihi Shiina is... Ruka!

Ruka, one of the Engineer Hunters: is a solo and anti-social character who is also seeking vengeance upon her father's murderer..

Tokyo Gore Police (TGP)may remind you of the manga/ anime of "Darker than Black" and Yo-Yo Girl Cop and also the most recent film of this year's Samurai Princess!

Tokyo Gore Police (東京残酷警察) is a remake of Nishimura's early short-film: Anatomia Extinction. Earlier, Nishimura only works on the special effects and script-writing but he was offered by Media Blasters to do a film which of course he agreed. Having multi-task to do the finishing visual special effects on Noboru Iguchi's The Machine Girl; he manages to produce Tokyo Gore Police in the same year.

Doesn't Nishimura's short-film turn lengthy-full film sounds like how Robert Rodriguez gets his first fundings when he send a video of El Mariachi and got to do Desperado as his full film?

Eihi Shiina who played Ruka gains international attributes from Takashi Miike's horror film: Audition. Apart from that TGP is more like The Machine Girl; but like many gore films alike has similar themes which is VENGEANCE!!

So why not check this out and WATCH it! It's not in your local cinemas!!

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