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吸血少女対少女フランケン (Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl) [2009]


Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl (2009 film)

Directed by yet-and-again, the master of horror visual effects Yoshihiro Nishimura as he teams up with Naoyuki Tomomatsu brings us another B-grade film entitle: Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl (吸血少女対少女フランケン).

The film begins in Tokyo High School and focused on a teenage vampire, Monami (Yukie Kawamura) who falls in love for her classmate, Mizushima (Takumi Saito). Unfortunately for her, Mizushima is already the boyfriend of Keiko (Eri Otoguro).

Trapped within the love triangle, Monami consult Keiko's father who is a mad-scientist with a school nurse as his assistant. Both of them practices lobotomies on the school students as they hope to find the ultimate formula. Keiko's father discovered an ultimate formula of knowing Monami's blood has the power to ressurect the dead.

Eventually Mizushima accepts a chocolate candy which contains Monami's blood that turns him into a vampire. Upon hearing this, Keiko attacks Monami but was thrown off the school roof as Monami dodges the attack. Her unsatisfied death brings back to her father by using the blood solution which then transform her into an unstoppable living dead like Frankenstein.

The ultimate and eternal battle for their love, Mizushima begins!!..

PS: According to SubwayCinema (2009), Eihi Shiina (Audtion & Tokyo Gore Police fame) played as Monami's mother and Ju-On director, Takashi Shimizu acted as the chain-smoking Chinese professor.


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