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复仇 (Vengeance) [2009]


Vengeance (2009 film)

Vengeance is a simple story by Johnnie To. Yet taken by his artistic choreography skills making the film like many of his triad-brotherhood films alike like his style especially when we watch Exiled (放逐), Election (黑社会) and Election 2 (黑社会2:以和为贵); not to mention Sparrow(文雀).

The mother opens the door for her children

In the beginning, we see blonde wife telling her children to not to run while under the rain while her husband a chinese local returns from home. She was cooking spaghetti for dinner when someone rang the door as her husband went to check the peephole - a shotgun was fired through the door without warning and shot to death by three unknown hitmen.

Forcing the wife and her two children go hiding upstairs in the master bedroom. Her children are kept safe inside the wardrobe while she gets her gun ready while one of the hitman lean against the wall and she began to shoot and it hits his ear. She was gunned down and her children saw her on the ground.

Irene Costello protecting herself and her children

The children has saw the hitmen faces and one of the hitman has no choice but to assassinate them.

We see the wife landed in the hospital, still breathing but paralyze. And a an elderly man arrived in Hong Kong to visit the paralyze wife; who turnout to be his daughter, Irene Costello (Sylvie Testud). The father spoke in French to her to indicate what she wants to tell him and she wants to seek revenge upon her family.

From left: Fei Lok, Chu, Mr. Costello and Kwai will teach us how to shoot to make the bicycle moves

François Costello aka Mr. Costello (Johnny Hallyday) went on his own investigation seeking for hitmen for himself. Soon, he found Kwai (Anthony Wong), Chu (Gordon Lam Ka-Tung) and Fei Lok (Lam Suet) as his choice. Their reward would all his wealth and a restaurant in France. When asked about his background-he told them that he is chef but his former life was a hitman back 20 years ago. But his weakness is his illness that he might not remember anyone or anything he does.

Mr. Costello ran away from the scene and found himself loss and trying to recall his hitmen

When their investigation starts to bear fruit, the hitmen who kills his daughter family is none other than fishermen: Wolf (Eddie Cheung Siu Fai), Python (Felix Wong) and Crow (Ng Ting Yip).

The standoff between the Mr. Costello's hitmen and his enemies went awry when they get to escape. Mr. Costello was badly injured and Fei Lok got hit in his ass.

George Fung trying to kiss his girlfriend

Kwai received a phone call from his potential client, George Fung (Simon Yam); who direct the hit on his girlfriend and her lover when he found out the affair somewhere in the scene. Mr. Fung then ask him and his men to attend to another group of hitmen who was shot by "3 chinese men and 1 white man" which brings them back to them.

Johnnie To surprises more to us with the gundown showdown and escapism and the story continues to the end with soberness and artistic standalone one-on-all.. A good script written by none other than his long collaborator Wai Ka-Fai.

Mr. Costello's having his memory loss after the gunfight; doesn't remember anything about revenge

Johnny Hallyday - the French pop icon who is currently at age 66 has been a famous icon in France. He is another legend, we do not fondly hear of. So when Johnnie meets Johnny, it's a masterpiece work of art. Hallyday, who's real name Jean-Philippe Smet is known by Frenchmen as the Elvis of France and Johnnie who casted him in Vengeance took him because he has the features of a former hitman.

Vengeance and Exiled by Johnnie To has such similar conception. If you like watching his films, you should checkout Vengeance.

Vengeance (original poster)


Checkout French legendary pop-icon JOHNNY HALLYDAY's:

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