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Wibiya Widget May Be The Next SIBLING to Flock Browser


Wibiya Widget

Just a couple of days ago, I was reading some blog sites on how to further edit the blog javascript codes. I came across to and to my surprise and the Wibiya widget attach to the blog came handy!

And I said to myself that.. "If my friends who still prefer other web browser besides Flock web browser and they even blog on their site and share with friends.. Why not just install Wibiya?"

A comparison between Flock social networking web browser and Wibiya widget

For all conveniences and really reliable widget tool will make them use the widget more!

Wibiya is the widget of Web 3.0; I must say that it is second to Flock and it may create a different wave from Flock in future.

However Flock is a social networking browser with all varieties. And Wibiya is more focus towards blog sites but if Flock and Wibya would to merge, it will definitely rival Google Chrome, Safari, Maxthon, Internet Explorer and many other browsers. Both merging will make them the best browser but of course this is only my assumption. So Flock has its capabilities and so does Wibiya.

So let's talk more about Wibiya widget for blogs!

According to Wibiya (2009), the technology of its product application of Modular Patterns Ltd., which was founded in 2008 by Dr. Yossi Vardi.

Furthermore, Wibiya connect and network with any users and consumers with the most interesting and exciting services, application and widgets based on their (Users & consumers) desires installed into their blog via customized web-based toolbars.

Wibiya (2009) has even progressed to be more efficient and at users' convenient when they offered fixed set of tools to connect everyone on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and blog communities to share via their third-party application (similar to Flock, huh?).

Click picture to enlarge to find our more about Wibiya or surf to Wibya website.

Part 1: What is Wibiya?

Part 2: Create a community via Facebook

Part 3: Increase Page Views

Part 4: Communicate with your readers

Part 5: Power tools

Wibiya? What's more to it is that if you wanted to pause for a moment while reading blog... you can play the games which are installed in the widget (music/ background included). Not to forget it has capabilities to translate the languages on the blog. So shared me if you like this post!

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