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鎧 サムライゾンビ (Yoroi: The Samurai Zombie) [2009]


Yoroi: The Samurai Zombie (2009 film)

Yoroi: The Samurai Zombie is directed by Tak Sakaguchi. Starring Mitsuru Fukikoshi, Issei Ishida, Shintaro Matsubara, Airi Nakajima, Tak Sakaguchi (himself) and also Kyosuke Yabe (who acted as Ken Katagiri in Crows ZERO).

The story tells a happy family on a road trip when they suddenly saw a car accident and the father stopped to help the victim of the car. To his demise that the victim was not dead and he is a wanted fugitive.

The fugitive then takes over the car with the father held at gun-point to drive as told and guided to. Soon they encounter a barricade before the highway that the fugitive decided to use a different path to avoid the barricades via the woods.

A paranormal-like activity begin to make the car's GPS (global positioning system) into blood. With the monitor soaking and overflowing blood; the car just breaks down. The family is in deep fear as they know nothing about their whereabouts. The fugitive then tell the father to repair the car while holding his family as hostages.

The father then tried to seek help and finds a village as he walks from the top of the hill. But it was a cemetery than a village. He then digs the ground and finds a rusty knife. He doesn't seem to have control of his doings that he took the knife to his throat and begin beheading himself until his decapitated head rolls to a tomb with lots of blood gushing into the ground.

A glimmering sharp katana begin to arise from the burial ground with an ancient samurai warrior crawling from his tomb. The samurai zombie then swings his katana at the father's head and head towards to the car while the family and the fugitive has wandered further into the woods.

But this was no hero samurai zombie to save the family from the fugitive instead the dead is back for a bloody vengeance! (Sounds like DC's Blackest Night series)

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