Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Are YOU Playing War Metal Yet??


Facebook Games - War Metal

Fictional futuristic nano-technology epic war on a world with mankind struggling to unite to defeat the hungry machines that craves to carve the human civilization heads and make a new kingdom of their own? Or is it a lone ranger siding no one but to kill aimlessly? Which one are you?

An endless days of judgment has surfaced to bring horror and terror on this scene with the newly strategy-war games called War Metal (then War Machine) has come to bring us a wholesome new game-play like never before..

If you like Facebook's game application like Mafia Wars - then you should try War Metal. War Metal is a very organize and formative games that will have to rely on your brains than just clicks to win your enemy or the epic monster battles!

You will have to use staminas to fight your opponent and also the epic battles such as the Hatchling Swarm, Chimera, Tremor Wyrm and the latest Xeno Mothership battles to win tokens, cores, and absolutely great units to be inserted into your formation.

Here are a couple of links for your ultimate guideline:

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