Friday, January 29, 2010

Facebook's War Metal - Some Crazy Cap Breakers & Emo Players Tearing the Game


War Metal is the new name for War Machine

War Metal can be quite a sensitive game sometimes. People gets their temper on easily and starts cursing within the game. Nasty rants! Like many other games which provides comments tab.

Well, that's all common. None of which i care because the games application are for killing time and releasing tension. They should be thankful that i did not report them to Dev (Developer) and i see many in-game application botters like Mafia Wars and many others more. It's a disease to reach the highest level and gaining whatever you want and be a bully. At the end of the game is that, you won't get any allies.

As for War Metal, I recently googled my IGN (in-game name) across the internet because I thought who knows i did be famous. And "oh my", there goes me in some random forum. He goes by the name Penmen posting his ramblings how he's being killed by my units. That's because he's been killing my brother's units so i thought i did teach him for a month. Funny thing he didn't read the name which can be seen within the game. And another thing is that I just found my brother added him as an ally?? What??

Archibald Kane being famous outside Facebook - War Metal

Can't fucking be that serious!! Oh well, i continue attacking him since i save his link. Not really bother. Will stop killing him till i can't reach him.

Game is a game. Win or lose - it doesn't matter. But if you feel insecure in game; just improve your units and people like me will stop harassing.

Well, the emo player Penman - i know his profile and i found he's Sabahan from Malaysia. If he did acknowledge me sooner, i will stop attacking but if he doesn't even bother to acknowledge. Why bother? Just keep firing!!

Anyways, I have not been to the battle list yet since lots of Epic Battles. Currently at Level 71 roaming in Triton Deep farming Orcas and Razors to get new formation. Getting more Prestige and need 1 more wyrm token..

The Xeno Mothership duration still have 6 Days before it dies

Recently I was involved in a Xeno Mothership battle, was really hoping to get something from this beast. But some player dealt an amount of 5 million damage being the enormous Cap Breaker with the second person dealing only a mere 1.1 million damage.

Here's proof of damage

I bet he's ought to earn everything for himself. And according to the comment post - he pays U$ 200 to deal that much damage. Insane player. Either he's desperate or he's too rich!

Overall it's a good strategy game! So here's a favor you can do for me:

Join my War Metal!

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