Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year & New Posts


Happy 2010 Year! Next year is my year to rule!

Hello random and avid readers and friends and whoever you are!

Season greetings and Happy New Year! I'm not really into the English New Year's spirit and all. Not being an anti here at all. Certainly not.

I believe every year is the same - just that you grew older and wiser (perhaps?); mature and make hell lot of new friends and colleagues which is a good thing, positive stuff. Things to know, to learn and to share too!

I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year! Though it has already past. Basically I just realize it's already 2010. But no matter.

This year on this blog will publish more comics review and movie reviews. I have been writing some sort of sci-fi manuscript and is still thinking to whether to publish on the blog or just keep writing till i send to any publication and had it read and published (if successful).

FYI, all movie, comics and music reviews are my personal review based on what i watched, read and listen.

Movie reviews - Usually i don't give full story review on movies, unless i feel like spoiling the whole thing if not - you have to find out! I'm planning to grade the movies via story/ plot, sound, special effects. But i don't think it's sufficient - it would be better if you read my opinion and watch on your judgmental. I welcome comments and debates in the COMMENT POST.

And CBOX are actually for informing on what you wanna know and telling me what i should do.

Comic reviews - YES! I purchased them and read them and review them. But usually i will download the .cbr format then read it... - purchased them in a month times and deleted the downloaded file. So, in the end coming clean with the hardcopy purchase! I got lots of mainstream comics/ graphic novels/ single issue/ trade paperback - phew! Most of them are in DC Universe; Justice League of America, Justice Society of America, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Flash.

Music reviews - I have been trapped in the 80s - 90s rock and metal. The only review you will see me write is either their updated albums or another new metal band. But haven't done anything near music yet.. And so far nothing near 2000s besides listening to chillout musics, orchestras and instrumental soundtracks.

Video game reviews - The last game i played was on PS3. Soul Calibur IV, MGS4 and pretty much that's it! PC Games? My com couldnt support AC2 nor other 2009 games besides CnC: RA3 which pretty much sucky. L4D is not my type of genre gaming. I'm bored with anything gotta do with ZOMBIES!!!


**Blackest Night and Return to Castle Wolfenstein 2 are accepted but the rest are my spits!

IF these are the list of topics to appear on my blog:

  • Fashion reviews - Not at the moment. Near future? Probably. If I'm in a stable career and plan to chase skirts!
  • Automotive reviews - Not really. To decide between a muscle car and invincible bike? The invincible bike!
  • Hardware reviews - Now.. That's a NEW label to be included soon. Everything PC is good!
  • Smartphone reviews - NO! Buying new phones are wasteful! Go get an LED touchscreen and built in to ur wall is better!

Any changes on the blog? Probably the layout and a new beautiful bridge at night or maybe i will just change my url instead.

So enjoy!...

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Teboul, V 2009, Revellers to usher in 2010 with fireworks and parties, viewed on 6 January 2010, <>

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