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Rammstein's Liebe ist für alle da [2009]


Rammstein's Liebe ist für alle da [2009 album]

Liebe ist für alle da (Love is there for everyone) is the sixth album by industrial metal band: Rammstein. The album was released on October 19, 2009 last year. Featuring the band's first single entitled: Pussy has garnered a splendid millions of viewers in both the YouTube, RockTube and also the pornography sites.

Track listing:
1. "Rammlied" (Rammsong) - 5:20
2. "Ich tu dir weh" (I Hurt You) - 5:02
3. "Waidmanns Heil" (Hunter's Salute) - 3:33
4. "Haifisch" (Shark) - 3:45
5. "B********" (Bückstabü) - 4:15
6. "Frühling in Paris" (Springtime in Paris) - 4:45
7. "Wiener Blut" (Viennese Blood) - 3:53
8. "Pussy"- 4:00
9. "Liebe ist für alle da" (Love is there for everyone) - 3:26
10. "Mehr" (More) - 4:09
11."Roter Sand" (Red Sand)-3:59

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Pussy is described to be as explicit as watching online pornography featuring body doubles of the band having sexual intercourse with different women in many different positions. Each of the members portray a certain character.

  • Till Lindemann as The Playboy
  • Christoph Schneider as The CEO
  • Paul Landers as The Cowboy
  • Oliver Riedel as Mr. Pain (a BDSM fetishist)
  • Richard Z. Kruspe as The Partyboy
  • "Flake" Lorenz as Heeshie (a shemale)

According to (2009), Richard Z. Kruspe said the word "Bückstabü" is a word made up by the band to describe "whatever you want".

German industrial metal band, Rammstein latest album and singles has been a shocking mystery with their great music blends with some meaningless songs. But they still get to top the chart. Pussy is like Amerika, with Lindemann singing between English and German and creating an aggressive wave. But Pussy video is much more like the hardcore Mein Teil, well it all depends on how the audience perceive. However Pussy is really like a promotional video for some upcoming pornography film.

Overall, Rammstein still rocks!

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