Wednesday, February 3, 2010

~Scion of Disdain~


Picture courtesy of Cristina de Santana's artwork of Apocalypse

The world is built on a sacred ground,
Of mythical skies in heaven,
Where the gods once muse,
With the angels sing and the demon dances,
The day came the thunder of striking sound,
A curse of damnation on this Holy Haven,
Perished and sunken to the bottom with blazing fuse,
Led by the fallen saint with thousand lances.

Eternal power and war and rage,
Of madness and greed,
Here he came to escape his cage,
Banished by this golden greet.

A new world is created on this sacred soil,
The legend has it the same,
Retelling a time when the angels attacks and the demons screams,
Histories were left forgotten and disdain,
An age of man will boil,
And for the many land to claim,
Of gluttony and lust he creams,
This chapter will detail his reign.

Our world is born on a declared dirt,
With ambitious hands on bricks and irons,
They grew taller and tougher,
As they reach for the skies,
The peasants are left behind with beard,
Only to be eaten by these hungry lions,
And their fate will be buried deeper.

The story behind our lives began to unfold,
When our children unearth the ruins,
Where our predecessors guilt untold,
Lies attached on these carved runes.

A tale long ago are the reflections,
In our age,
Judgment has call for eternal damnations,
Struck upon by Lucifer's sage and mage.

And the land starts purging,
Selfishly the people rush and hurried by,
As the catastrophe falls from the sky,
Thy fiery fireballs come crashing.

The dreams in our sleep,
Are the pictures in our eyes,
At world's end we weep,
As the grave begin to rise.

This city stronghold has fallen,
Into ashes and debris of disgrace,
Brave warriors and the bold galleon,
Against this endless days.

Nothing soars higher than these black crows,
Together with the bloody red rain,
Arms with flying arrows and bows,
Avenging the slain,
Thirsting for blood and golds,
And always feasting on lost souls.

Our fantasy world is designed on its blackest night,
All hopes and faiths crumble,
Along with the bravest and boldest knight,
In midst destruction of terrifying rubble.

Perished are the brewing storm,
Together with seas churning red wine,
The surface covers with infinite tomb,
Setting an errand to remind.

( Originally written by Jordache Wee Chong Jin . Copyright 2010 )

*Dante Alighieri's The Divine Comedy and Iron Maiden's A Matter of Life and Death plays a major inspiration to my latest masterpiece. It took me about close to a month to brainstorm and final editing my dark poem.

This latest poem i wrote; I must admit that it is one of the longest and darkest poem I have ever wrote for this year. I combine both Alighieri and Iron Maiden's work to create my own depiction and mythological history and relate today's modern day of 21st century.

Seemingly to make it like a tall tale about what shapes the people in this era. Yet they cannot change their habitual behavior of their greatest sins. People are always provoking each other to raise anger and hatred; thus causing casualties among the innocents. War is a common factor fueled by communication breakdown and misjudgment.

The picture is chosen by me from Cristina de Santana's artwork in his rendition of Apocalypse. I was actually googling and searching for such great impact of art that i happen to find this art in Art Review page.

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