Sunday, September 12, 2010

Blackest Night | Brightest Day


Blackest Night | Brightest Day by Jordache Wee

Blackest Night | Brightest Day  (BNBD) was created on September 10, 2010 at Tumblr. After witnessing  and experiencing its features for live-micro-blogging has become a useful tool in the rapidly evolving Web 2.0.

This blog will be showcasing about anything from the ideology and mind of the author. It can be very critical and sensitive. He will be taking up the challenge to comment on a particular issue while posting anonymous and personal items on his micro-blog.

His primary blog, The World of Midnight (TWoM) will continue to suffice and continuing other legacies of his work, namely his dark poems, movie reviews, music reviews in full reviews. While some will probably migrate to Tumblr or perhaps remain here - it is quite uncertain.

Likewise as mentioned, TWoM will still be publishing articles and reviews in full review. While BNBD will still hand-in-hand work together with TWoM, as BNBD will promote on TWoM's articles.

If you have seen some of his unfinished works at Black Theatre, Red Lantern (BTRL), it is most likely to be resolved. Probably dismantling but I'm still thinking about it!

Blackest Night | Brightest Day is up on as Facebook Page. If you like to read and see what has been posted lately or recently. Like it !

Wanna keep track of the author? Follow him on Twitter @jordachewee or add him on Facebook!


The micro-blog title: Blackest Night | Brightest Day is an inspiration from #DCU (DC Universe) Comics whereby comic writers: Geoff Johns and Peter Tomasi wrote the arc of Blackest Night about Black Lantern Corps featuring Black Hand and Nekron in raising the dead - we follow the adventures of Deadman from his viewpoints up to the current arc: Brightest Day where all 12 resurrected superheroes and supervillians are needed to fulfill tasks given by the White Ring - Back to Deadman telling the story etc.

However, Blackest Night | Brightest Day by Jordache Wee is about his individual perspective, ideas, comments and critics about general and random stuffs specifically when he use to micro-blog about something.

Another certainties could be that Blackest Night represent himself being a late-night author sitting on his desktop as he frequently blogs after midnight while on Brightest Day could be about his day job surrounding depicting images of what he does.

Why use Tumblr?

The Tumblr has functions similar to Wibiya's share toolbar - but Tumblr gets everything in its way by having its functions labels according to what the user's one: Text, Photo, Quote, Link, Chat, Audio, Video. These functions has shown much of its efficiency for micro-blogging.

Users will get to link their Tumblr account to Facebook and Twitter accounts; for conveniency of telling the whole wide world about what is the user is currently doing, listening, watching etc.

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