Friday, September 10, 2010

Goodbye 20th Century, Hello 21st Century!


A vinyl record of T.Rex' singles: 20th Century Boy

The little things we used to play,
Are the things which our children plays,
They are the next generation,
Carrying our tradition.

Their childhood beings are nothing more than sweet memories,
Our conscience has different meaning for karma memories,
A glass mirror of our miniatures looking at us,
Laughing at our failures.

I want to be young again,
With no worries to look forward,
I want to run in the rain,
No problems shall be at work,
I want to be a rockstar at reign,
Don’t want to be a tearjerk!

The wooden swings,
Are where we feel our breeze,
Like angel with wings,
Aiming higher like mices  
Reaching for the cheese.

The whirling slides,
Satisfaction never ends there,
Like Superman flies,
Inside the Never-ending story.

I want to travel to the 20th Century,
Wanna to be tough,
Don’t wanna live in the 21st Century,
I want to be in my youth,
I want to live forever in this sleeping sanctuary,
Together with love.

( Originally written by Jordache Wee Chong Jin . Copyright 2010 )

*Good times, bad times - we know how to evaluate the situation and the society we are attached to. It's about time we grew up to young adults and chase our dreams. But always remember that where you were from!

Image Source:
EXPO67 2010, SOUND CAPSULE 1970 - 1976: T REX - 20th CENTURY BOY, viewed on 10 September 2010, <>

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